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Diary Of A Bikeman
What is a Chilly Dawg ride and how did this start. During the winter months twenty plus years ago we would go long easy rides. Gravel roads, off the beaten single track, old roads etc.. Once the ride was complete you be super hungry. Time to eat something hot. One day I explain this to Kevin and we came up with the idea. The Chilly Dawg's were born.
Kevin started working @ Cartecay Bike Shop 3 years ago. The CBS will 22 years old in March 2010. Many folks have come and gone in the pass. Jeff who is working for Bike Gallery in Portland Oregon which is probably the number shop in the nation. Matt The Rat Cole working for All 3 Sports the Biggest shop in Metro Atlanta. All good guys and I enjoyed watching these kids grow up. We all have had bad luck? Sometimes when you are down on your luck you could use a little help a person or and Angel just might show up. I can say Kevin is a person who came to help me. A Man true his word and watched my back. Big Daddy Vic just yesterday told the story. During a ride we stopped at a store that was closed and there lay a 20 dollar bill on the ground. Kevin picked it up and taped it to the stores front door. That is what I am talking about. I/We will miss Kevin: I learned a bunch from him as a person,, employee, and most of all as a True Friend. Thanks Kevin for all your hard work. I will miss you. Love The Big Dawg:)

Kevin and The Dawg

The Group and more.

A Big group.

Samantha, Jim, Debbie.

Matt n Kevin. Thanks Matt for showing up to all the rides. We appreciate it.

2 Legends. Eddie B, Greg S. Hey Eddie give your shoes to Greg and get some mountain bike shoes Dawg.


Big Mike

Reggie and the kids. Awesome time. Thanks Reggie.

Jay and Rockstar Peter!

The First log crossing. We had two routes. Noontoola Gravel road ride or A Old Fashion ride threw the woods with the Big Dawg!

More to come.
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Novemeber 6,7,8 2009. The pass 3 years Cartecay Bike Shop has made the journey down to Brandon Florida South of Tampa for the Best! Mountain Bike festival in the SouthEast. Florida? Mountain Biking? Yep! Alafia MTB fest is a model on how a MTB Festival should be. A fun 3 days of just riding and meeting new folks that enjoy the sport. The Swamp Club works extremely hard on the trails at Alafia and Boyette. Thanks to all the Volunteers that make this festival a success. The old memories are all around you as notice kids riding, dogs that get along and people having fun. Plenty of 5 start food that will knock your socks off. I know one thing, I will be back next year. Thanks for inviting the Ellijay folks.
Campsite 30 is ready with Terry, laina, Big Daddy Vic.

Joe on his new Carbon Blur and Gail hanging out.

Check out The Moots socks and the Moots bike.

The Cartecay Bike Shop Kits were all over the place. Thanks guys.
The Saturday morning ride heading over to Boyette for the Ridgeline trail.
Check out all the riders.
The vendor tents.

Big crowds.
Cartecay jersey's all over.

Marty enjoying the day.

The road to Boyette trail system. What a ride.
Everybody having fun.
Marcel our ride leader Rocked The House.

Checking out the new gary Fisher.

Shane and Joe. Santa cruz Dawg's.

The Earring!
The Dude.
The Fire truck and inside is a 3 wheel custom bike.

The line for food.
Old friends Roamy and Gail.

Daryl and Terry.
Mike and Laurel with wine at dinner.
Morning time.
Ken, Tim, Adele Thanks for all you do.
Linda ready to serve.
The Twins!
The Beer!
The Firefighters!
Terry doing some hardcore stuff.
Daryl our ride leader and Big Dady Vic showing off his belt drive singlespeed Spot.
The techinal side of riding.
A colorful time at Alafia MTb festival. Thanks Swamp Club. We appreciate you guys. The Dawg
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Nuunie Mike! Shows off the Turner Sultan a Fantastic riding machine. Strong and Tuff  for North Georgia trails. The bike rode over everything in its path without know problems. The pedals never hit the ground, so going rocks, roots back home this bikes bottom bracket can clear obstacles we encounter back East. Big Dawgs over 200 pounds I highly recommand this bike in addition the color choices you have for the frames. A stable platform suspension in the DW link felt very nice. Singletrack and Forest service roads are calling the Sultan out to play.

I would like to Thank the guys at Turner for taking plenty of time to set the bike up for me. We kept low pressure in the front shock due to the harsh conditions of the trails. Point and steer the Sultan takes you for ride of your life. Thanks Dawg.
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InterBike 2009.  Atlanta was in flood mode for over a week. Vegas always has plenty of Sunshine.  Monday and Tuesday Dirt Demo in Boudler City about 21 miles outside of  Vegas. Test rides for everyone.  Road, Mountain, Comfort, Electric all waiting for riders to test. The Bikes. Santa Cruz, Salsa, Surly, Turner, Jamis, Schwinn, Cannondale, GT, Gary Fisher, Mongoose, Kona, Fuji, Extracycle, Cove gave me plenty to chat about.

First up Santa Cruz Tallboy 29ER.  Santa Cruz was lightweight, handled like a dream come true. Fast, Responsive., All of your pedal power transferred to the rear end faster than the speed of sound. The TallBoy was my favorite 29ER.

Second in command! The Salsa Big Mama:) A close ride quality like the Santa Cruz TB, The Salsa bottom bracket sets a little higher off the ground. The Big Mama tracked extremely well on the loose rocky single track.  A stable, yet super stiff and plush. I really like this bike. The best value for the dollar. The Big Mama Rocks!

Over looking Lake Mead Roger holds on to a GT Force full carbon and by surprise a Mongoose Tecoli Super. A pleasant surprise! We all like surprises? The Mongoose took me for a loop. The bike is 26 inch wheel 5 inch travel dynamo, awesome ride. I would highly recommand this bike. Comfortable at all aspects of trail riding. The bikes flew on the trail. I like the high bottom bracket my feet never hit rocks and you could pedal threw all of the trails with a peace of mind. I really like this bike. Thanks Mongoose.

The Jamis 29er full carbon hardtail @ 24 pounds with pedals. Forest service roads and long distance racing is what the Doctor ordered. This bike Blew away all of the hardtails 29er's carbon bikes, decked out with the new Sram XX 2x10 I could not slow this race horse down.  What a must ride bike. Impressive build for super light carbon race machine. Jamis Jams Dawg!

The GT Force carbon. Unique to say the least. Light weight fast. The 26 inch wheel was like riding a Dodge Super Charger. Beefed up and ready this bike out of the box makes you feel like Hans Rey.

Margo from Jamis and Hans Rey very nice people. Thanks for listening.  More bikes to come Turner, etc....

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Thanks guys for helping us Bicyclers out. We need motors!Happy Birthday Ony and Duckman!Wow! What a ride. Sixty eight riders came out for the pain. A special Thanks to Kit, Larry, James, Kevin, Trudy, Terry, Rob, Barry, Ashley, Genie, Diane, Andrew.The King and Queen.  Who will take the crown this year? Handmade cups by Kit.

The Groupo Compacto.

Firefighters in the house Robert and Barry.
Kit helping out as always.
Nitro Ken is ready!
All smiles! Greg
The number one BlackBear!
Cassttes for the Volunteers, Thanks again.
Sonny and Russell. Russell rode it on a singlespeed.
Roger rounds up his crew.
Namrita came to ride hard.
Eddie was warming up.
Climbing up and away.

Big Daddy Vic, Thanks Man.

Up hill.

The Groupo.

Thumbs Up.

Great Job Ladies. 52 was a hard climb before Pinhoti 3.

long day!

Gata lookin good.

Ken n Barry.

Great smile.


Happy Birthday Ony and Duckman.

The Seth Bro!

Team Swiftwick singlespeed.


Rob and Russell pit stop 2.

Fort Mtn off of Windy Gap forest service road.

Windy Gap ORV trail is super hard.

Matt and Robert the singlespeeders that rode every inch and Russell was chasing. Great Job guys.

The King and Queen with there court. Namrita, Troy, Robert, Emily, Eddie. Thanks agian.


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The Group shot!
Bruce and Mike hanging out before the ride.
Big Daddy Vic, Rob, Barry ready to roll.
Everybody is ready to ride.
Greay shot of Mark crossing the bridge. Thanks Mark.
Nitro! Father and son duo!
The Groupo up the climb to Brush Creek.
Brian with all smiles.
Very nice Tatoo.
Plenty more to come.
What a day, the weather was perfect. The river was running and so the mountain bikers were rolling.

Laina, Mark, Julie, Trudy.

The work horses.

The upper Ocoee.

Big Mike!

The Trail Nazi and Toddie Bear.

Part of the ride.


All smiles before Thunder Rock.


Roger has a new ride.

Dude D!

Russell looking Great! Roger shows us how his new Mojo can climb Mountains fast.

The Bee group.
Lori always smiles.

Sunny Delight!
Toddie Bear, John from Steamboat, Big Daddy Vic,

The Groupo compacto.
Russell leads us down bypass and Riverview.

Jeff and Laina.


Up Riverview. Sunny :)

Fun and food for everyone.
John is ready for Colorado.


Carla and Terry. Thanks
Mike and Rob.

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Today was all about our favorite color. PINK!  Shane shows off his new 69ER by Carver. Do not let the color fool you. A singlespeed that is extremely fast.
Trudy shows off her Pink Gary Fisher. Trudy made the loop. A hard loop with the new construction on the top of Mountaintown.

Kevin, Larry, Shane, Sambo, Rob, CareBear Mark rode super strong today.

TORX Mountain Bike Club from the Triangle area of North Carolina was visiting @ Mulberry Gap for the weekend. Great food and riding. Thanks for visiting!

Rob, Larry, TORX  Doug and CareBear talk about the climb up to potatoe patch.

Remember Pink!
The crew ready to ride.
Doug hitched a ride on the ridge. That is OK.

Larry had two broken spokes and a thumbs up for the rough downhill ahead. Doug ran out of water and Rob gave him a ride to Mulberry Gap. Sambo is saying come on guys its time to go. Thanks guys for coming out  The Dawg.
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Special guest today. Bike Kid Robert C. Master Mark, Skidmark Rob P, Big Daddy Vic,  Jeff, JD, Larry D, Kevin, Dawg, Walt, Joanne, Sharon. Thanks for coming everybody.

Birthday ride for Kevin.

Larry shows us how to climb during the start.

Jeff and Big Daddy Vic.

Views @ Boyd Gap after Brush Creek.

Master mark shows us how to pump a tire while Kevin points out his problem.

Bike Kid is ready to race.

Vic says Brush Creek was fast.

Check out the Bear on Bypass. We missed you Nitro.

Views. After we rode 35 miles and Kevin, Rob 45 miles we jumped into the river and relaxed. A fantastic day @ Tansi. Great ride you guys. Dawg
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Thanks to  Mr Beam on putting on a wonderful road ride. Today was the best day of 2009 in North Georgia.  A Colorado Rocky Mountain High clear skies and white puffy clouds.  This is the CB 73 around Wolf Pen Gap from Double Head gap.  Four gaps and 73 miles later we all had a great time. Terry planned a shorter route of 45 miler. This was a Chatsworth and Ellijay duo ride. Special guest Eddie showed his stuff, while Big Daddy Vic attacted all day.

Peter, Kim, Stewart, Meg all make ready for the long day ahead.

Frank and Bill lead the groupo @ Owltown road.

Frank, Bill, Bill , Mike all setting the pace.

Big Daddy Vic leads Peter and Katie.

What a view. nice roads.
Billy is back! Jeremy were are you Dawg?

Picture can tell you what a day we had. One for the books.

Big daddy Vic!

Jeff from Brandon Flordia showed us he legs to climb 6500 feet today and he  had wings to prove it.
Mike number 1 has been riding two years. Mike rides like a ten year vet. Great job Mike.

Smile :)
Take it boys. Thanks Mr Beam. Great ride and fellowship. The Dawg
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Today was a day for our Service Men and Women. Thanks for keeping us safe.
22 Riders showed up under sunny skies in Benton Tenn. Chilhowee trails.  Trouble started early with not one but Two Nix's! Watch out! Nitro started the attack up the climb and Wayne Hill Billy Nix finished it. Slick Rock was next and we lost our group with a wrong turn. Names to remember. Tookie, Dave, Joanne Great to see you guys again. Rick, Andy, Mike 1, Mr Beam, Kevin,Laina, Big Daddy Vic, Rob, Master Mark Sidewall King ,Carl is back. Thanks for coming everybody.

The Hilly Billy is Back and Strong!

Rob Palmeri is rocking.

Kevin The Bucket List Crowe Filming!

Carl and Nitro Ken make a quick repair.

The Creeks!

Big Daddy Vic shows everybody how to work the Creek crossing.



BDV, Tookie, Liana after a Great! Ride!

Who is it?

Big Truck enjoys eating little cars. Dawg Out, Thanks for coming.
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